Friday, September 21, 2007

SBDYB RR block

SBDYB Melissa
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This is a block I completed for Melissa in the Summer Breeze DYB rr! I practiced a bit with some SRE, beading and a variety of stiches and beads! I'm trying to get in the habit of adding my "signature" which is the little tree in the bottom right corner. I also added some cast on roses on the beige patch! It has been really fun to see what every one is creating on these little block! Soooo many styles! VBG!!

RMCQ rr block 2

RMCQ rr 2
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This is my addition to a block in a rr with my local cq group. I decided on a rolling chain stitch the a fly stitch and detached chain stitch accent and then, of course, some beads!

Pediatric Brain Cancer Wall Hanging

I have been writing about a special project that I am helping to coordinate for the Childrens Hospital. It is a VERY special wall hanging for kids in the pediatric brain cancer ward. Many folks from across the world are particapating in this endeavor and I am hoping that more will find it in their schedules and their hearts to join in! The quiltlets are 6 x 8 inches and embellished in an Under The Sea theme. They are then sandwiched with quilt batting, backed and seamed as a normal quilt, packaged up and sent to me. These quiltlets are going to be joined with free standing "fishie" creations at their tips! If you are interested in particapating, please leave a comment here or contact me via email at

This project is all the more special to me now, as my friend, who is the inspiration for this endeavor, Pamela McCombs, is currently in the hospital with severe head injuries from an auto accident. Pam raises funds for research thru the "Ride for Kids" charity function every year and this last year reached an all time individual contribution high of over $11,000.00 for research for these special kids!

These are some picture of her with some of the kids she has helped, etc. I wanted to put a "face" to the purpose so that folks know that this is a very real project! While it may not help to find a cure, it will bring a smile and I would LOVE to have so many quiltlets that more than a single wall hanging is made and can be shared with other facilities in the world!! Thank you again to all who have joined in! Your blocks are awesome and I know that the children are going to spend many an hour exploring the undersea world we have created!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Charity blocks

Another block is completed for the Pediatric brain cancer center project!

This first block is Courtney Short Prudholme's wonderful block!

and the second one is Jill Phillips great contribution! These blocks are just so great! I can't wait to see em all together!

RMCQ rr 1

RMCQ rr 1
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This is the first block I worked on for my local rr. I played around with the crested chain stitch and added a beaded "chain" on the edge, along with my signature! I think there are lots of possibilities with this stitch, I will have to explore them some more!

sampler seam 3

I am involved in a sampler rr, where the stitches for the month change with each month. Great practice and its a neat way to see different variations on the same stitch! I worked on three different seam and did a different twist (overall) on all of them. I really need to work on a bona fide sampler with the chevron so I can get more variations for reference..... tis one of my more favorite stitches!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Susans block

Susans block
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This is my work on a block for Susan. She just recently joined CQI and a local cq i'm a part of..and that group is doing a rr. Her fabric had what I call "cone" flowers on it, so I embroidered them, crossing the seams and adding in some beading for the cones. I also outlined the ily with beads and did some beaded feather stitching. Hopefully she will enjoy it!

Beaded RR block

Beaded RR block
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This is a pic of my work on Cheryl's block over at CQI. This is a beaded rr soooo, I beaded a peacock, feather stitch treatment and cabbage rose for her. I tried to make a solid peacock, but it just wasn't pulling in the colors the way I envisioned so I switched to irridescent hex delicas and it came out better. Still perfecting my technique, but do love this beading!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Signature stitches

I have been working with Janet Popish, who is on the CQ for newbies group. We thought it might be kind of neat if we had an embroidered "signature" that we could put on pieces to always be known for stitching. She is VERY efficient and already has developed her's... and here at long last is mine!

I for some reason like to stitch trees.... and willows have been a fascination to me of late, so I thought i'd give this a whirl. It's all of about one half of an inch big, takes just a few minutes to stitch and might just work! I'm going to keep on playing, but so far, i'm liking this one!

Charity Quiltlets

I thought I would snag pics of all of the quiltlets that have been completed to date and share them with you! Each contributor will have their quiltlet which measures 6 x 8 inches, digitally signed with their name, state and country. I will then consolidate it and print that off to go with the wall hanging when it is donated.

As blocks are completed, I am not only posting them at CQI, but sending off pics to CQMagonline where we will be featured in the upcoming issue all thanks to Jo Newsham! She is such a marvel and I really appreciate her asking about this! I will be pushing the date for completion out to accomodate any interest that may be generated by the article! We have until the end of the month, so please be sure and send me a pic if you are working on something for this project!

All of them are so unique and so very special! I can't begin to express how very grateful I am to everyone that is and has taken part in this project! I am positive the kids will LOVE spending time looking at this quilt and that it will bring many a smile!