Sunday, October 26, 2008

Breast cancer quilt center......cont.

bc center 1
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I'm not used to working in this large of a format I guess. I've been stitching in various spots for two days and it barely shows! LOL!! Part of that is the cream on cream and keeping this relatively neutral. I've pinned more lace motifs and ribbon on so backto stitching and filling. Hopefully things will "look" different when I visit again! LOL!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Making Memories B/C Quilt center

bc center
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As many know, I am working on a rather....ummm.....large project for the Making Memories Foundation. This group sends out bridal dresses (for a fee of $45.00) and then asks that a person or group puts it together in a quilt and they then auction the quilt with the proceeds going to breast cancer. Well...long story short, I put out a call and many, many spectacular folks have answered and sent me their rendition of a block for this quilt. This picture is the center. Its morphed a couple of times, but I think i'm finally beginning to be happy with where its going. The next picture is of the center surrounded by all the blocks i've received so far! This is HUGE and they are ALL gorgeous! I'm scared and proud and honored and...all at the same time! I can't wait to see how this evolves! I'll keep you posted on the center block (36x36) progress!

Pin for Christmas

gail pin
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Gail Oldegaard is a friend and owner of one of my little face pins from last year. She wrote to me recently and asked if I could make a pin for her mother in law for Christmas! SOOO, this is the result! She wanted burgundies and green. Burgundy is a challenging color to find in beads i've discovered! I think she came out well and sure hope Gail's "Mom" enjoys her for many years to come!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Its My Bag Exchange!

imb full
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Its official....I can talk about this bag and its owner to my hearts content now! LOL! The recipient, Bonnie Swenson has it in her hot little hands as I type! :_) This is a full shot of the front. I made the pattern with a flap and a TON of pockets on the inside! The yellow flower on the front was some trim that Bonnie had sent with the fabrics and I twisted it in on itself and created a sort of sunflower! The next pic is of the back. Here I did mostly stitching, but there is some beading, double thread, knotted every few stitches for security, etc. I just can't stay away from beads! LOL!! Then the next pic is of the front under the flap and then a close up of the flap. Sequin flowers, lots of beads... one of my trees...LOTS of fun! I enjoy this yearly event and very much appreciate Mona picking up the coordinating of this, this year. Thanks again, Mona! You're awesome!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Magic Moments RR - Cobi

Last, but not least in the overall scheme of things is Cobi's block! (shhhh...the second block stitching is a secret yet....) Cobi had an "India Inspiration" theme. I haven't worked a lot with that theme so this was a stretch for me. I tried to re-create a more stylized flower with a wonderful bunch of beads I got from Lyn! I added a peacock and thought (after seeing Pam Watson's "Rivoli") that maybe a triangle, cabachon type treatment of a rhinestone might work? I had added the center design varying the sequin structures in each and then gave what is "sposed" to be, a stylized bead bush to the beaded peacock. I had trouble with the peacock showing I added the square sequins and the little flower sequins to off set the colors of their patches. HOPEFULLLY this is acceptable for an indian theme and Cobi will enjoy it! Its certainly got more sequins on it than i've ever used in one place before! LOL!

Magic Moments RR - Ati

I also have finished up two of Ati's blocks. I wanted her to be able to put the wall hanging together when it got home so I asked if I could stitch two blocks for her! This one I liked the sequin flower. Its mostly gold and burgundy and feels very elegant.
On this block, which I stitched first, I created little mop button snow people, ornies and free handed a little bird like I have on some fabric from years ago. This was a fun one and I hope Ati feels that they will all combine well with each other! This one is more light hearted and playful with the snowy pine boughs and snow family!

Magic Moments RR - Simona

This is the first block I stitched up for Simona. She is going to combine all the squares into a quilt for her new little girl! I fell in LOVE with the rabbit fabric!! Peter Cottontail keep flitting thru my mind as I stitched. On this block I added little sheep for "Mary Had A Little Lamb" too! The next block I wanted to capture some of the specialness of having a little girl come into the family so I stitched "Love, Laughter, Joy" along with "Baby". When I was born, as the tale has it, my father went around singing that he had "The Wholeeeee Worldddd, In My Hands...I've got the...."! LOL! Yes....Songs seem to be rolling with these pretty blocks!

CQI Retreat Goodies!

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I'm slowly getting myself sort of caught up! I have needed VERY badly to share the goodies that I was blessed with by the wonderful ladies that came to the retreat! I was sooo very surprised that everyone brought a little hostess gifty..... I truly wasn't expecting it and am soooo very appreciative! As to the details... Debbie Q. gave me a great little bag for embroidery schtuff that you can see is PACKED FULL! I love it! Gerry K gave me one of her awesome pincushions! A definate treasure! :_) Lauri B gave me a bag she had made..... yummmm! Gerry H gave a REALLY pretty scissors fob and bottle of fairy dust! SOOOO CUTE!!! Then Cathy K gave me the Willow Tree figurine in the next pic. Just beautimous! Janet P brought peach wine and Palisade peaches for our taste buds enjoyment! (Don't have a
pic cuz they are ALL long gone!) LOL!

Thank you EVERYONE from the bottom of my heart! You are all sooo very special to me!

But....what about the cq box, you ask??? That is what I was lucky enough to choose for the Chinese Auction!! Janet Popish made it and its just WONDERFUL, isn't it??? I LOVE it!! Finally i'm beginning to feel like a cquer lives in this house! ROFLOL!!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Its My Bag Swap

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I seem to do most everything backwards...from making something to loading pics, etc.! LOL!! This is the front and back of the bag I just finished for............... can't name the name just cuz yet! LOL!! I had lots of fun creating with this gem and have more "detail" shots if you follow this pic and then continue with my photo stream at Flickr! Enjoy!