Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All About Seams

aas - pam9 by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'
aas - pam9, a photo by Pinyon Creek Stitchin' on Flickr.
I am in a rr, titled All About Seams. The purpose is to challenge ourselves to come up with as many variations on stitches along with layers to create unique seam treatments. I have a whooooolllle bunch of these blocks on my flickr and will refer you to that rather than posting them all here!

Water Garden rr - Lauries block

Last but not least is Laurie's block. She requested a tree, soooo, that is what I stitched for her along with the pelican to symbolize the pelicans that visit here in Windsor every summer!

water garden - nicki

This is the block I did for Nicki! I hand dyed some lace for some of the flowers and then added sre flowers and butterflies and the embroidery.

water garden - thearica

This is Thearica's block in the Water Garden rr. She collects pigs and had six different types of piggies on each of her blocks. I thought it would be fun to have the pig playing in a wading pool in the garden. The bees are buzzing around the flowers with the hummingbird at the feeder and sunflowers a bloomin'!

Outlander janet

This is a block for Janet. Since the block had a wintery feel to it, I created a dormant tree then added the circle of stones in the distance along with a watch at the top to depict the time travel of the story.

Outlander rr - maire

This is the block that I did for Maire in the Outlander rr. In the style of Carole Samples, I did the upper edge of the fan in outline stitch and then did seam treatments for the blades.

Water Garden rr - Maire's block

I am in a rr titled "Water Garden". This block is for Maire! We had a person that needed some angel stitching and I was elected, soooo I stitched the upper half of the block! I created a sucken ship and stitched the sea horse. With my embroidery machine, I stitched the sea turtle and angel fish, and then I added all kinds of sea flowers. I am pleased with how this turned out!

Rebecca's tree skirt

becks skirt by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'
becks skirt, a photo by Pinyon Creek Stitchin' on Flickr.
At lonnnnngggg last this longstanding ufo is complete! This tree skirt turned into a memory project which made all the more fun! The middle section with the ties is a small tree skirt made for Rebecca by her great grandmother! Close ups are on my flickr account for your viewing enjoyment!  There are patches from her Christmas jumper and her son's Christmas suit, vest and shirt and the lace was from my wedding hat. There are many snowman silkies for her love of snowmen and charms with symbolic meaning to them as well. All is documented on a label on the back. PHEW! i'm sewww glad this is complete in time for use for this year's season!