Thursday, February 28, 2008

Final landscape entry

YEAH!!! It is DONE!!! This is the last time you will have to look at this! LOL!! If you click on this pic it will take you to Flickr and you can see some closeup of the flowers and trees! It was good fun to do and i'm SOOO very happy it is done! submit it!

Jewels on Black RR - Jo

Jewels Jo
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This is Jo's block for the Jewels on Black. I had some neat old mop buttons and some other vintage buttons that I created a button trail with. I also did the fly stitch lace, and the black patch with the red butterfly, white roses and red feathery fern!

Encrusted RR - Ati's block

Encrusted - Ati
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This is a pic of the work I did for Ati in our Encrusted rr! I created a little wheelbarrow....added the blubird, the bird houses, cherry tree and tulips, butterfly and dragon fly. I also did the violets along the fan seam....but not the fan. I believe our VERY competent Ms. Cobi did that gem from beginning to end!

Ullas new blocks

I recently participated in a round robin with some new to cq folks... It was a sampler rr. Well....two of the blocks didn't make it home to their owner....they are adrift in the mail system SOMEWHERE. Sooo, I made up a couple of replacement blocks, as close as I could to her originals. I then did a couple of the first batches of stitches and have now lauched them onto their journey thru a few more seasoned stitchers and then home. They BETTER get home anyway! LOL!! Enjoy! I hope Ulla likes them!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Landscape progress

landscape h
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Just a quick update on the landscape. I'm narrowing in on the finish..still a bit to do, especially to help with the mountains, but its getting there, I think!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Landscape progress

Landscap progress
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Though i'd post a progress report on the landscape i'm working on. I'm not sure about the died sunflower.....if I leave it it will be beaded... I did finally finish the tree....and have some buffalo that will live in the valley between the two trees. I have some running horses that I need to pre-embroider to see if they would work in the the other field. I hope, they would look neat I think. Anyway.....gotta go put on more flowers! :_)

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I've been back in a landscape mode again and am making a couple for a special event... and wanted to share with all of you. This is the overall picture of one of them....altho I have changed the fabric in between the two trees since I took the pic. This next pic is a closeup of the trunks. Thennnnnn, the next pic is of another landscapey/gardeney item i'm working on. It's a little scewed (I need to take another pic). Enjoy!

Friday, February 08, 2008

2008 artbra block1

These are the beginning pics of two blocks I am working on for the art bra quilt. This is an annual project that is done for breast cancer. This year it sounds like the quilt will be donated to the Burlington Hospital BC Center. How kewl is that? The hopes is that it will let those folks going thru treatment know that they are being thought and cared about across the world! The theme this year is butterflies and the colors are salmon, yellow, periwinkle, green and cream.... YUMMY spring colors. My initial plan with this butterflies was to have strips of color radiating out, but it just wasn't looking right, sooo, I adapted it into cq wings on a cq cream back ground. I will now bead a fimo face on and create a body of sorts. I may bead it as well. The second block I am working on...... will have dimensional free standing lace butterflies on it so it will be a different look from my first one! Enjoy!

Monday, February 04, 2008

T&T Amy

T&T Amy
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This is another "angel" stitching job that I finished up! I hoppd all over the block so there will be several pics! Enjoy!