Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Why Do We Blog?

I have been doing some wandering round the blogs, trying to see what everyone is thinking about and this question seems to be cropping up. Why do we blog? I know i've wondered if it "means" anything to blog or post to Facebook, etc. What does it gain us? Fame, fortune, attention, friends? giggles It certainly requires a dedicated amount of time and energy which is taken away from stitching! HORRORS! LOL!!! I focus both my blog and my facebook content just on crazy quilting and embroidery...well, beading and brazilian/dimensional embroidery and the occassional "furkid" post sneak in too. That is "who" I am. I stitch, I garden, I play with my furkids and enjoy the mountains with my dh. That IS what makes me whole. My style of piecing and embroidery is evolving and I feel as the years pass by that I am finally coming into my own. A rather peaceful feeling really! VBG!

All that said, I have hesitated to express personal views or controversial thoughts other than cq (prolly won't ramble again after this post) and wonder if I am just being overly cautious or if maybe I just live in an insulated bubble! LOL!! I don't know. I decided to share my thoughts here today as I hear stories about others getting attacked and personally feel its pretty sad if we can't just voice an opinion without fear of reprisal. This is America after all. It seems to get overlooked that we are a varied population with multidinous talents and interests and opinions. Opinions are just that. Opinions. I personally like to listen to others view points as it helps me learn more about them and the world. It broadens my perspective and "who" I am as a person. It may or may not change my thoughts...which is fine. It doesn't affect how I feel about myself, although it may help nudge me further down the path that i'm meant to travel. I wish for the same for others.

I don't know the why's and where fors that everyone else blogs. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts. I DO NOT intend this to be a "war of words". If you would like to share, please do! In the meantime....i'm off to stitch! (Smiles)