Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hideko's Stocking

I have completed my work on one of Hideko's stockings. I stitched the spider web as part of the "Cobweb Christmas" story and added a bit of whimsy with the snowman blowing snow flakes. I put an evergreen branch up at the top.... with a cardinal, bow and tree charm. Enjoy Hideko!

Rose Annes "Faces" block

Things are getting completed and i'm feeling a litle more caught up! VBG! I am in two round robins. This one is a "Faces" rr. Rose Anne wante celestial influences on I gave her Old Man Wind and a stylized moon/sun faces...and a teensy little face bead at the bottom. The block came out kind kewl and I hope RA enjoys it!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Forest Within

At the crazy quilting yahoo group, a challenge was issued to everyone to make a quilt (large) by 2-0-1-2! The idea being that we all get a big project complete AND selected quilts will be shown in an exhibit at an AQS show!! WOOOHOOO!!! Sewwww.... with that nudge, I brought out the "Forest Within" and have pieced the outside and am now appliquing it prior to embroidery. I'm pleased with where its going! Last view you all had, it was just the diamond center. I plan to take the dark border around the outside as well and drop in some orange/burgund colored fans at the points of the diamond to accent it. Its exciting to see this starting to take shape! Then I will start on another that I want to do that will be done with large hexagons. More on that later!