Friday, May 25, 2007

Summer Breeze Blocks - Again!!!

Well, yahoo is not cooperating in letting me post to the groups, so I will try here to at least let others in my group see the replacement blocks! Goodness!! Here's hoping that this works AND that the first batch of blocks shows up!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Creativity and where it comes from?

I have been doing quite a bit of review of me and life and all that jazz lately.... and because i'm in the middle of a couple of large projects, I have pondered on where the ideas and inspirations come from. For me, I feel like I have to almost "forget" about what i'm working on and then, what turns out to be a super idea, comes into my mind! Rather a "zen meditation" type of thing I think. LOL!! Regardless, I find that when I can relax and play in my garden or cavort with my fur kids (aka, throw the ball ) or go to my favourite plant nursery and commune with the flowers, or, take a drive in the mountains, is when I am at my best and have "created" ideas for future use.

Along with wondering "where"creativity comes from, I have wondered how some things in our lives that occur also impact our ability to think or create more freely? I had a serious fall four years ago that resulted in two back surgeries that have left me with needing to take meds to control constant pain, a numb leg, arm pain and a life that has been significantly altered. I cannot sit at the computer the way I used to be able to (like to surf the wonderful blogs, etc.) as it causes even more problems and I cannot type well due to losing feeling in my hands. Why am I bringing this up? NOT to garner sympathy or whine!!! I truy wonder how has this impacted my creativity? I did not participate in rr's much prior to this injury. I was busy trying to bring a commercial embroidery business online. Now... well, the business is basically gone BUT I have fallen in LOVE with my hand embroidery and been able to explore forms of expression I may not have "seen" for a considerably longer time. The injury has helped me focus on what I really feel I want to do and to express parts of myself that have longed to be seen. So, it's been a positive experience in a lot of ways. I am quite a bit slower at things now, than I was. BUT, everything I do has meaning and thought behind it. I can't seem to stitch any other way. I just find that interesting, as I look at the incredible talent out in the world of cq. Where does inspiration come from for others? How do they create? Why???

I wonder....

CQI Spirit of Friendship Dolls

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been involved in a Spirit of Friendship doll swap! As the honorary host of this swap AND of all these lovely creatures, I have gotten to ohhhhh and ahhhhh over them as they flew in! I have ALSO lost sleep as these little lovlies have been quite verbous and have been having quite the party!!! LOL!!! OHHHHH, the tales they will have to tell!! This is a pic of them having a lovely garden party!!

Enjoy everyone! There are some real gems here! :_))

Spirit of Friendship Dolls

Over at my most favorite group, we have been having a
"spirit of Friendship" doll swap. I am the lucky one who gets to swap see em all in person and swap em out! I made three. Two are more ornate, then I simplified. This is the back of the last one of my dolls. She was done all in cotton fabrics and light embroidered and beaded.

I had a lot of fun with this swap and will be trying to make some more in the not so distant future I think. I certainly learned a bit too! I sooooo envy those talented ladies that create some of these AWESME dolls out there... like Stephanie Nowatski (sp?).

This is my bear that has a beaded, ruffled edge, embroidery and beading on both front and back. I hope my swap "sis" enjoys her!

And last but not least, is my "Tree" friendship doll!!!!! LOTS of beading, a hand created "wood" face and embroidery!! Enjoy!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

7 ThingsMeme

AWCKKK!!! I've just been Tagged! LOL!!! Boskez just tagged me for the 7 Things Meme..... nowwww...... what to say? LOL!!!

1. LOVE critters
2. Crazy bout cq
3. Have a commercial embroidery biz
4. Love gardening even though I don't remember the flower names all the time! LOL!!
5. A bit sad, but just lost my first "son" who was twelve and half. What a great pup he was!!!
6. Love snow, not cold....Love sun, not heat!!
7. Love the mountains, ocean and TREESSSS!!!!

A bit more than you wanted to know maybe. Now.... I will have to go figure out who to tag and come back here! :_)


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Closing of a chapter

Stitching is one of the many parts of my life. As are my dogs. Four legged pampered kids! :_) They bring such joy to my life and many smiles. They have also quietly shared much sadness without question. Today we had to help our beloved "Chocolate Chip" (VERY aptly named as he adored chocolate!!) over Rainbow Bridge. My heart is breaking and his brother and sisters are missing him sorely, but he is out of pain and hopefolly trotting thru the fields and around the mountains that he loved to explore. I will miss you terribly sweet boy.....

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Leaf Tutorial

Over at one of my favorite groups, CQI, there has been discussion on how to make fly leaf and feather stitch leaves. I made a stitched sample of both and sent them off to a friend in need and then thought I would post a little graphic version of how to make these leaves for everyone here! Sooo, here we go!

First it is easier if you draw an approximation of the shape of the leaf that you would like to fill. It simply helps with locating your stitches more evenly. The first graphic is the fly stitch. You will bring your needle to the top of the fabric at A then down at B. Leaving the thread loose, come at C and catch the loop of thread, and go back down close to the same location you came up at, at C. I tend to work left to right with my fly stitch. If you work from right to left, please just flip flop the directions! Next, come up at D, just above A and repeat the stitch again. When you take the needle back down after catching the loop, try to place the straight stitch as close as possible in the joint of the previous stitch. Continue filling your leaf in the manner. Remember that as you draw closer to the tip, the stitches will be closer together. When you have filled the leaf with enough fly stitches, you can either complete the tip with a single long straight stitch as I have done in this example or you can place a small fly stitch with the two tips virtually side by side in the space. Totally up to you and the effect you would like to see! Another option is to place a bullion stitch at the tip for a bit of dimension!

Next, is the feather stitch leaf! Again, for an easier time, it is best to draw the shape of the leaf that you want to work in until you have become accustomed to creating the leaves. It actually is very similar to the fly stitch except the stitch that catches the loop is set at an angle and begins the next leg of the stitch. So, bring your needle up at A and down at B, being sure to leave the thread slack. Also, with this stitch, we are starting at the top of the leaf, not the bottom so place your two legs more closely together, making a smaller stitch and progressively grow your stitches as you reach the middle. Then you will reverse the process to complete the bottom. Come back up at C, catch your loop and proceed to the left to take your needle back down at D which will be parallel with the joint of the stitch, but set to the side enough to create a separate stitch. Leaving the thread slack, come back up at E, catching your loop and moving over to the right to place your thread just as you did for the previous stitch. Continue to fill the leaf until you are content with how it looks. If you prefer, you can place a small straight stitch on the bottom stitch to extend the stem and create a more life like appearance.

This is a fairly brief explanation. If any one has questions that I can answer,I would be more than happy to help at any time! Enjoy!!