Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Civil War Replica block 2

cq block 2
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WHEW!! Sliding into home base here! This is the second block DONE!! Yippee!!! Off they go to Cindy now! I think i've discovered a new technique! Encrusted seams! LOL!! Sheesh....with treatments like this who needs motifs? Enjoy!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Civil War Replica block

cq block 1
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This is one of two blocks i'm stitching for Cindy Thury Smith. She is recreating a civil war replica quilt to be hung in the LeDuc museum. We weren't allowed to do what i've grown accumstomed to stitching. Motifs were verbotten! LOL!! Soooo......fancy schmancy seams were the end result. Ooopphhh...... some of em have up to 11 passes over them to complete them. The block is not small....15 inches and had to be stitched side to side.... not even any beads!! Or metallic threads..... sigh.... i've gotten spoiled! LOL!! That said, I don't think it needs a heck of a lot more! I think with all the variations ( a HUGE challenge for me),; that the block stands well on its own. I can't wait to see the others AND the finished project! Its gonna be KEWL!!


Friday, April 18, 2008

Fan DYB rr

fan - jo
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This is my completed version of Jo's block in our fan dyb rr. Jo wanted the background to be left neutral with all the action on the fan. As I'm finally getting thru my head that I need to develop my own style and love to do little vignette type things, I decided to create a little gardent for her. I stitched up the tree, then did a creek with a little water fall and lots of little flowers. Its so very hard to get a good pic of beading..... Anyway, i'm done on this round and moving onto my next one! Enjoy!

Jewels on black rr

I just finished up my work on Hideko's block for the Jewels on Black rr. I dressed up the fan with some trim and bead work, dyed the lace flowers that were white and darkened the ribbon trim along with spreading out the fan tails. Then I did the blanket of roses and little fan of stitching in the corner. Hopefully Hideko will enjoy this when she gets it home!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Maire's Encrusted Block

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I just finished up my portion of Maire's block! Its is definately encrusted! LOL! I didn't have a lot of space left to work with so I branched out and added touches elsewhere as well, such as the beaded roses and forget me nots, the white bead flowers, etc. I beaded a blue bird, pulled yellow roses over to blend with the others on the left....and could NOT stop drooling over the gorgeous work my friend Gerry did with those love birds! They are just wonderful! Enjoy the block, Maire!