Saturday, August 25, 2007

UTS Charity Block 1 COMPLETE!!!!


Block 1 is at long last complete!!! It no longer languishes on the sewing machine waiting for me to put its backing on!!!!

Meet "Zipper" the Technocolor Tophat DogFish! LOL!!!! Got a bit carried away with the beading, but enjoyed the block!! I will have to try to find a place to hang the other blocks that came in and take pics and post them here as well! I am sooooo grateful to everyone that is joining in on this project. Linda in Ny sent the most gorgeous beaded mermaid and Debbie S sent two wondrous scenes with glorious fishies glinting everywhere! I know Jo in New Zealand has a treasure packed one on the way and I absolutely cannot wait to see the ones that Gail in Wyoming is stitching! A turtle and dolphin!!! PLUS she's adding a bonus of some hand painted fish and a sea horse!!! HOW lucky can we get???? THEN..... Judy in MN is working on one...... and Susan N fully surprised me by informing me today that she is preparing to make one as well!!! This project is growing wings and with it creating many smiles!!!! Thank you soooo much everyone!!!!!
NOW..... got to finish the outside edge beading on the comfort doll, the pic and another project bites the dust!! VBG!!



Hey Leslie, Your TopHat Dogfish is glorious. The beading is incredilbly awasome. May I ask where you bought all the weeeeeeeee fish, seahorse and such at??? Judy

Linda said...

Leslie I love your block!! And what a dogfish!!! Love it.