Thursday, August 30, 2007

Season To Season Block

I finished up what is basically my half of the block so now it will sprout wings and fly off to be stitched on by someone else! It will be interesting to see how it comes back! I have to admit its tough to add things like the buttons and all now, when there is still stitching to do. Its feeling seriously OFF balance to me! All the buttons are old vintage gems from grandmas button box. I'd do more but it wouldn't be fair to my swap partner! VBG!


Gerry said...

Gosh, this just gets more darling! I can't wait to see it in person.

Your comfort doll is just lovely. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Leslie, I'm always playing catch-up; but wanted to tell you I LOVE Zipper. I new he was a doggy, but I couldn't really figure him. OF COURSE! A Dogfish!!! I am ROFL--he's terrific.


gocrazywithme said...

I love the half done fall block, Leslie! I bet it does feel off with the buttons done already. I did that on the romance theme block I did for Lauri. The button arch over the lovers looked good, but I did it way too soon! Made the block, which was larger than I usually do anyway, very hard to handle.
I'd like to do a block for your cancer quilt, but I think I've over extended myself at least until after Christmas. Would that be too late? If not, count me in!