Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Its In My Bag swap project

This is the first time that I have participated in the Its In My Bag Swap! It was interesting....even tho I stressed a bit. You see, i'm not a planner. If I get an idea I sort of dive in and work things out as I go. Now, had I planned this would have been a bit less challenging, BUT I learned a lot and truly hope that Clairee enjoys her purse. I am NOT a great seamstress and Clairee is, sooo, i'm still waiting to hear her scream!!! LOL!!! Seriously tho, I am over all pretty pleased with it and am THRILLED to be able to finally show it!!!

The front of the bag, pictured above, is fabric manipulation techniques. I created some mountains for her to enjoy with some flowers of ALL kinds tucked in at the base. There are some SRE, some brazilian and some basic embroidered flowers there. Along with another mongram for her enjoyment. I added her charms up at the top. The flap closure has more lace embroidered onto it and the inside is completely lined with a zippered pocket in the middle separating the purse into two sections.

This is the back of the purse. I decided to make it more flat so it would withstand brushing up against her body. There were furry fibers included in the baggie so I decided to play around a bit and VOILA, a willow emerged from the fibers!!! Theres a little nest on one of the limbs with some eggs and a bird I made out of fimo to match the purse. I also added her monogram and a pansy....i'm suspicious that she likes pansies! LOL!! You can just see the handle at the top. I machine embroidered some lace patterns on it to give it some extra zing! Next challenge will be to make some of that free standing to put on some blocks!

These are some extra goodies I added for Clairee. I made an ultrasuede pansy pin with picot beaded edging on it. I also sent along some of the fimo doo dads that I had made...the top one is made into a pin as well.
Sooooo.....another project bites the dust! LOL!!! On to the next adventure!!!

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