Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pediatric Brain Cancer Wall Hanging

I previously posted a couple of quiltets that I have started for a project begun thru Crazy Quilting International. I've opened it up to the population at large, but I hadn't really explained fully the whole idea behind the project. The Ride For Kids is an organization that donates thousands of dollars for research each year. I am but a teensy weensy contributor to that grand scheme. I have a friend that conjured up, allllll by herself, over $11,000.00!!! I need to get some pics of the jackets that i've embroidered for her. They have come out pretty cool. We have listed all of the corporate sponsors on the back of her jackets the last three years running and she has been the State Grand Champion for the last four years. I'm impressed! LOL!!! Sooo, thats the "why" behind this project. I would like to brings some smiles to the faces of the kids in a local ward. I know that its not as effective as dollars for research, but it will help bring some joy to their souls. I hope some of you will be able to jump in and join the fun!!! Thanks again to Gail for adding me on her blog and anyone else who I may not have run across yet!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Betsy Berlinger said...

Hi Leslie,
I was just doing some blog browsing and came upon yours. What a wonderfully eclectic site you have! What pulled me in? I just had to see what "crazy quilting" was :-)
Congratulations on this beautiful blog you've created.

Susan said...

It's a great cause! I'll try to remember to post something on my regular quilting blog, so there might be some people from that group to help.

Gail said...

Leslie, one is done, the other half way...hope you like them.