Monday, December 29, 2008

Making Memories Quilts

I have been blogging on some of the progress of the quilts that I am putting together for the Making Memories organization. (More closeups can be seen on my Flickr accountI haven't shown all three of them at this stage so I thought I would take a moment today to do just that!

This pic shows one quilt with 25 of the blocks. The center block I am highlighting the wonderful work that was done with a beaded edge around the heart. I will then add some rattail cording that I dyed in potassium permanganate around the interior nine blocks. My next quandry is the finishing binding color, but I discovered some fabric at Jo Annes the other day that will hopefully accent it properly. Blockmakers for this quilt from top left to bottom are: Rita Cruz (KS), Karrin Hurd (CA), Linda Boudreau (Canada), Claudina Hruby (CO), Mary Frances Main (CO); Rita Cruz (KS), LouAnne Sassone (CA), Jill Phillips (CO), Carol Davis (FL), Debbie Quirion (Maine); Lyn Gaskil (TX), Susan Morehouse (CO), Thelma Bradshaw , Betsy Pruitt (CO), Debbie Smith (OR); Melisa Bakos (Canada), Diane Miller (NY), Lauri Burgessor (CO), Linda Boudreau (Canada), Mary Frances Main (CO); Martha Everett (CO), Kerry Leslie (Canada), Connie Kalina (CO), Lyn Gaskil (TX), Kim Stenehjem (ND)

The next pic shows the smaller of the three quilts. I was gifted with some gorgeous blue taffeta which I used for the border. The block makers are (from the top left to right) Marya Blackwell (CA), Denise Collins (Canada), Cathy Kizerian (UT) ; Hideko Ishida (Japan), Sandi Mannen, (WA), Gerry Krueger (WA); Diane Ransom (CA), Maire Courtney (NY), Marya Blackwell (CA)

It was a bit too dramatic, so i've added some of the lace from one of the dresses which creates a nice scalloped look I think!

Then, there is my problem child quilt. The story of this will have to wait a bit (see the upcoming issue of cqmagonline) but I wanted to show where I am at with it. There is still some tweaking to be done on the interior portion, but has come a LONG way!

Block makers from top left to right are: Sherry Klemmt (WA), Debbie Quirion (Maine), Linda Harrington (MD), Lynn Schoeffler (CA), Julia Schneider (Germany), Jo Newsham (New Zealand); Hideko Ishida (Japan), Belinda Sweeney (Australia); Jill Phillips (CO), Debbie Smith (OR); Susan Morehouse (CO), Kerry Leslie (Canada); Jo Newsham (New Zealand), Karen South (KY); Janet Popish (CO), Karrin Hurd (CA); Hideko Ishida (Japan), Simona Tedeschi (Italy) , Clairee Meeks (WA), Janet Popish (CO) DISCLAIMER: I'm still working on the names on this quilt. It had to be taken apart and as I reassemble I will straighten this out! Sorry bout that!

I'm now back at the needle working to finish these gems up. I've been doing LOTS of consulting with Allie about this center and reading her blog tutorials on putting a quilt together so i'm feeling more confident now. I also want to thank Lynn Schoeffler for all her help with this beasty! Her encouragement, design saavy and color sense are a tremendous help to me! Also there is Jo, Hideko and Kerry from CQI that have helped with their expertise on these quilts as well! Thank you so much EVERYONE!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Nicki's Christmas Giveaway

Nicki is have a cquey giveaway over at her blog in celebration of her son's b'day! Happy Birthhhhday Erik! Check it out!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Final xmas dyb block

This is the last of the dyb angel stitching I needed to finish up! This is another of Maire's! She has the most wonderful silkies in her set and I can't wait to see her project all finished! Its going to have a wonderful vintage feel to it and be quite elegant! Enjoy Maire!

Another block finished!

This is Sossity's block from the christmas DYB rr that I stitched up quickly for her! I prolly should have made the snowmen larger.....but still think they are cute even if they don't look "exactly" like I pictured in my mind! I saw two snow folks careening down the mountain on their toboggan, arms flying and wonderful happy expressions on their faces. I'll to explore other media so I can get the faces me thinks!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Stitching catchemup

I've been doing some stitching catch up for a couple of folks at CQI. This is one block that I finished for Maire's Christmas dyb series. I loved this little girl on skates and decided to give her a spare set!! I did some cast on petals in a fine rayon thread to help make the poinsettias dimensional and the "fur" on the hem, collar and cuffs is a bit of fuzzy felt for dimension. Hope you enjoy Maire!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Breast Cancer Quilt 3

Originally uploaded by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'
I realized today, I had been negligent and not posted the third quilt for the Making Memories breast cancer project. This is the last quilt with all of the last blocks received, worked in. I am outlining the middle heart to help define that block then plan on some satin cording in a antiqued "mushroomy" color around the perimeter of the first nine blocks in the middle. Next I need to sit down and detail alllllll my wonderful contributors to this project and show which block each did. I am forever in everyones debt for taking the time to stitch and contribute to this project!

Xmas DYB done!

I just did a quick stitch up on Cheryl's block to complete the rr at CQI. Cheryl used some really neat mens ties and was looking for a more elegant, vintage look. Hopefully i'm in keeping with that. I ruched the green silk ribbon for one seam and then kept the rest of the stitching monotone to focus more on the fabric and "feel" of the block! I hope you enjoy it, Cheryl!

Lyn's DYB blocks

Lyns dyb1
Originally uploaded by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'
I just finished up stitching on Lyn's dyb blocks. Her theme was Queen Victoria and roses...soooo, she got both! This is a silky of the queen with her hubby and children. The next is one of her at age 23. I kept the stitching colors monotone and simple to accent the prints and vibrant colors. I hope that these are "vintage" enough Lyn! Enjoy!