Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Melissa's DYB block

WSJ DYB Melissa
Originally uploaded by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'.
I'm trying to keep some stitching momentum going today. DH finally went back to work so I can focus on this! This block is from one of two DYB rr's I am in. I struggle with this for a bit....don't know why, but I got there and am fairly happy with it. Hopefully Melissa agrees! LOL!! You can see her work at www.honeybeesbliss.blogspot.com. I created a two tone rose on the bottom corner using bullions for the light pink and then added some cast on stitches in a deeper tone to accent it. The buds are made out of bullions. Just above is a herringbone variation. (I had already done this prior to Sharon B (http://inaminuteago.com/blog/index.php) announcing the stitch for TAST! SOOO, i'm pleased I have a couple of variations under my belt! There is another HB variation directly above the rose on the feather seam and again above the tree. Do you think maybe I like the herringbone? LOL!! Other variations I enjoy are a cross between the HB and the cretan or the chevron and cretan. I then typically get mired in finishing them off with lazy daisy stitches, fly stitches, etc. To break that habit I will experiment on my sampler and see what I find! I added a little bee charm, for Melissa, some beaded flowers and one of my trees! OH! I almost forgot, I also did a feather stitch variation, sweeping curves like a feather, floating above the tree in some kreinik (sp) metallic. Last but not least, I added a MOP button with some lazy daisy stitches and added a flower bead in the center to create a flower. Sooooo, thats it! I threatened Melissa I would do a tutorial on making a BE bee. Now i've got to get busy as a bee and start taking pics! 's


Melissa said...

Oh Leslie! I love it! I link to you from my blog so everyone can see! I can't wait for that bee tutorial, then it will really get me to finally try making one!

Susan said...

It's a beautiful block anyone would be happy to receive. I especially love that tree.

Thelma said...

Very pretty! I love the colors and stitching. Whoever gets it will be well pleased.