Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fimo explorations!

Originally uploaded by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'.
I have also been exploring the wonderful world of Fimo and all that can be created with it. I mixed and mashed and pressed and played and this is a sampling of what I came out with! I think they are kind of interesting....especially the ones that look like wood. But....then.....I love wood and trees and nature and.... :__)


Allison said...

Nifty stuff here.
You could design a whole batch of stuff for a crazy quilt!

Thelma said...

How NEAT! I love the hummingbirds.

pat winter said...

Leslie, If you ever decide to sell these, I want to buy a wood look face one in any size. Keep me in mind please???? By the way, Caleb is adorable, I'll take him too!