Monday, January 22, 2007

Gaga's quilt restored

Originally uploaded by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'.
This is a pic of the full quilt restored. Whew!!!! I hope my son will cherish and it lasts another 25 plus years!!! :_) The only differences on this quilt from the original is that I did a couple of variations on the feather stitch and added a bit of herringbone here and there! I didn't realize how tiring it gets to use the same stitch for a project this size. Great learning experience! I also added the family name initial and the approximate year it was made along with the year it was restored on the front. I wish the makers had realized the importance of documenting their information in years past....but....alas...we have to rely on our own memories there! At least I had the opportunity to fix that problem on this quilt! Enjoy!


hideko said...

This quilt looks so classic. I love the style. You have done a great job. Thak you very much for sharing. Hideko

LouAnne said...

Leslie: Do I see the year 1981 there? That would be the same era as my mil was cqing but using solids and no prints. All her stitches were in black pearl cotton. I wonder how her things have held up. We only have pictures of one item, the jacket that is posted on the Lost Quilts site. Perhaps I should give up hope of ever seeing it again and assume maybe that it's not in such good shape. But it was SO beautiful! You are SO lucky to have this piece of family stitching history. I hope your son cherishes it as much as you have with your wonderful restoration.

Bunnies & Lace said...

Gorgeous work and nothing less than special. He will love this quilt.