Thursday, September 23, 2004

Works in Progress

Welll, after spending most of the afternoon getting it figured out, I have posted some pics of some projects that are in the works! The pheasant has some SRE and other embroidery work left to do...already have done some BE on it and then i'll get it applied to my husbands jacket back! He thinks it will be a great way to advertise our embroidery business! Then there's the little cq vest I did to compliment my grandsons specially made by grandma velvet suit for christmas. I loved the colors and the way they combined so nicely. The throw was originally done for my son by his great grandmother and has felt the passage of time, so it has fallen to me to help repair the damage and make it whole. It is truly a treasure of love! Lastly, is the cq landscape that is exemplary of a sunset in my part of Northern Colorado. TONS of work yet to be done, but it is fun to work on! The stream and rocks are three dimensional (I don't think that's very visible in the pic) through fabric manipulation. I will be adding loads of beads and buttons to represent the wildlife of the area and the sparkle of the crystal clear water in our mountains! This is a wonderful, expressive form of art for me. I really enjoy working with fabric and thread! Which I guess is obvious as I operate an embroidery business.... anyway, color, thread and fiber is wonderful to play and experiment with! I can't imagine doing anything else!

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