Thursday, September 23, 2004


Welllll, i'm trying to find my way through this technological hoopla! My "comrade in needles" and IT mentor, Mary Frances Main must shudder when she sees me coming! LOL!!! Someday i'll get all of this figured out and stop being intimadated by it!

We're starting a regional crazy quilting group! Can't wait to see how that turns out! I would really LOVE to see this take off here! We have a yahoo group the Colorado Crazy Quilters that chat most every day and meet once a month. Its a cozy little group of ladies that have ALL kinds of interests.....not solely dedicated to cq though. As to crazy quilting....I like to explore lots of stuff. I absolutely adore doing landscapes and am also working on rejuveninating a couple of older crazy quilts that i've being an ALL silk ebay find and the other being a silk tie throw that a relative had created. I'm in the process of reallly trying to complete some projects right now so noone gets saddled with half done projects!

Wellll, enough of this....i'm off to fine tune this blog and get some stitching done!

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