Friday, September 24, 2004


Can't sleep from the back pain, so I decided to come out and explore while the world is a little more quiet. A site ( I came across with interesting information on cq, also had an area where there is discussion of creativity! It's seems women have been struggling with time management for years! In this article,, Anne Johnson speaks to our need to "moodle", meaning that we need to allow our minds to wander randomly so that we feel more creative! This applies to crazy quilting passion! I find myself putting so much pressure on myself to create something "perfect" at times that I lose sight of the purpose of the project or the joy of the act of stitching. Anne has written other small articles on creativity that I think i'll explore and see if I can't return my focus to the joys of stitching! Journaling is another method of regaining focus...which reminds me of the Buddhist process called "mindfulness". By becoming more aware of our surroundings and appreciate the simple joys of life our spirits are renewed and we become more centered, refreshed and creative. I guess the point of all my rambling here is that I feel out of balance from living with this back pain and am finding myself drawn into the world of fibers and stitching to forget or overlook for a time how i'm feeling. It will be interesting to look back at this time and see how it is reflected in my work.

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