Saturday, September 25, 2004


Wow!! That tiny little word doesn't begin to cover the awesome work aka eye candy that Sharon B of In A Minute Ago fame has posted on her blog! Myyyyyyyyyy goodness! I could just spend HOURS drooling over the awesome work that she has exhibited. The stitch combinations, the color variations, the truly unique style of needlework! She is FABULOUS! I don't know what else to say! I am in the throes of some life altering metamomorphosis... I don't know what is going on......noooo, it's NOT a mid-life crisis or anything.... I think i'm very slowly coming into my own and finally feeling like its OK to be me and (within reason ;-) ) say what I feel and think! I am learning to create what I like and what best expresses who and what I am. That's probably it....I have health issues right now and family concerns and am simply finding that my coping mechanism is in my creativity and needlework! Enough to stitch!! Thanks Sharon for sharing your talent!

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sharonb said...

Thanks for the compliments I am always quite surprised when people react to my crazy quilting work.