Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Magic Moments RR - Simona

This is the first block I stitched up for Simona. She is going to combine all the squares into a quilt for her new little girl! I fell in LOVE with the rabbit fabric!! Peter Cottontail keep flitting thru my mind as I stitched. On this block I added little sheep for "Mary Had A Little Lamb" too! The next block I wanted to capture some of the specialness of having a little girl come into the family so I stitched "Love, Laughter, Joy" along with "Baby". When I was born, as the tale has it, my father went around singing that he had "The Wholeeeee Worldddd, In My Hands...I've got the...."! LOL! Yes....Songs seem to be rolling with these pretty blocks!

1 comment:

Simona said...

thank you, Leslie! I love the other sweet block, too! All of you did a great job with them.
Now I "must" wait...