Thursday, October 16, 2008

Its My Bag Exchange!

imb full
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Its official....I can talk about this bag and its owner to my hearts content now! LOL! The recipient, Bonnie Swenson has it in her hot little hands as I type! :_) This is a full shot of the front. I made the pattern with a flap and a TON of pockets on the inside! The yellow flower on the front was some trim that Bonnie had sent with the fabrics and I twisted it in on itself and created a sort of sunflower! The next pic is of the back. Here I did mostly stitching, but there is some beading, double thread, knotted every few stitches for security, etc. I just can't stay away from beads! LOL!! Then the next pic is of the front under the flap and then a close up of the flap. Sequin flowers, lots of beads... one of my trees...LOTS of fun! I enjoy this yearly event and very much appreciate Mona picking up the coordinating of this, this year. Thanks again, Mona! You're awesome!


cq4fun said...

Beautiful bag, and I just love your stitching designs! Lucky Bonnie!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Leslie, Your stitching is absolutely gorgeous on this bag. Hugs Judy

Sharon said...

Wow beautiful cq do such awesome work...Very lucky Lady

morvoren said...

Oh this bag is so stunning Leslie,
lovely rich colours used and BEADS!!!!
Bet your stash is bigger than mine now giggles :O)))
Hugs Pam

Kathy said...

Stunning bag! Love your stitching and beading. The colors remind me of a wool cq quilt I had on my bed as a child.

Pat Winter said...

Very beautiful Leslie. Love your piecing!!!!