Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CQI Retreat Goodies!

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I'm slowly getting myself sort of caught up! I have needed VERY badly to share the goodies that I was blessed with by the wonderful ladies that came to the retreat! I was sooo very surprised that everyone brought a little hostess gifty..... I truly wasn't expecting it and am soooo very appreciative! As to the details... Debbie Q. gave me a great little bag for embroidery schtuff that you can see is PACKED FULL! I love it! Gerry K gave me one of her awesome pincushions! A definate treasure! :_) Lauri B gave me a bag she had made..... yummmm! Gerry H gave a REALLY pretty scissors fob and bottle of fairy dust! SOOOO CUTE!!! Then Cathy K gave me the Willow Tree figurine in the next pic. Just beautimous! Janet P brought peach wine and Palisade peaches for our taste buds enjoyment! (Don't have a
pic cuz they are ALL long gone!) LOL!

Thank you EVERYONE from the bottom of my heart! You are all sooo very special to me!

But....what about the cq box, you ask??? That is what I was lucky enough to choose for the Chinese Auction!! Janet Popish made it and its just WONDERFUL, isn't it??? I LOVE it!! Finally i'm beginning to feel like a cquer lives in this house! ROFLOL!!

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