Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Magic Moments RR - Cobi

Last, but not least in the overall scheme of things is Cobi's block! (shhhh...the second block stitching is a secret yet....) Cobi had an "India Inspiration" theme. I haven't worked a lot with that theme so this was a stretch for me. I tried to re-create a more stylized flower with a wonderful bunch of beads I got from Lyn! I added a peacock and thought (after seeing Pam Watson's "Rivoli") that maybe a triangle, cabachon type treatment of a rhinestone might work? I had added the center design varying the sequin structures in each and then gave what is "sposed" to be, a stylized bead bush to the beaded peacock. I had trouble with the peacock showing I added the square sequins and the little flower sequins to off set the colors of their patches. HOPEFULLLY this is acceptable for an indian theme and Cobi will enjoy it! Its certainly got more sequins on it than i've ever used in one place before! LOL!


Sharon said...

Just beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Kathy said...

Your bead work is gorgeous! Love the peacock.