Thursday, March 03, 2005

fushchias 3

fushchias 3
fushchias 3,
originally uploaded by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'.
Welllllll, this is the completed version of the fuschias I did on a block for a round robin. Came out ok!!
I glitzed up the butterfly with some beads, put some clear beads at the petal joining of the fuschias, did some mop flowers on a stitch combo of cretan and herringbone and the did the fly stitch lace which I accented with beads at each intersection. I like the looks of this particular technique and realllllllly appreciate LouAnne Sassone for sharing that one!!! I also did a teeny tiny brazillian bee over by the flower that my friend Mary Frances had done previous to me! It is visible here...but i'll try to get a pic that shows it off as more than a little black dot! LOL!!!

Anywhoo, i'm calling this one good to go onto the next person!!! Can't wait to see what they do!

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Sharkeysday said...

I think this is absolutely LOVELY!
Plus I can now post a comment! Gosh, I have no idea how comments would get turned off (she says smirking at this somewhat inside joke! LOL!)