Friday, February 25, 2005

garden hat 2

garden hat 2
garden hat 2,
originally uploaded by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'.
I have an embroidery biz and just finished up a small project for hubby to give to a fellow worker for his 50th! Apparently he "digs" gardening!!! Pun intended! LOL! Soooo, I got this floppy hat and a pair of gloves and did a little stitchin'! On the hat, is a guy leaning on a shovel holding his prize to one side I put...Still Diggin' At and on the side, 50.....I haven't heard how it went over...but hopefully it will be something he'll enjoy! The reason i'm showing it here, you ask?? Welllll, my website has just undergone a HUGE overhaul and in the new one, I have an area that will accomodate ALL things cq!!! I am offering embroidered motifs, along with other things....and really need to hear what sorts of things folks like to use. I would like to provide a handy niche for folks that want something that is unique or non victorian and even possibly geared towards specific projects! There is sooooooo much that can be done with embroidery! Hmmmmm, maybe I should post a pic of some of my embroidered tp!!! LOL!!!! Let me hear your thoughts!!! I'd LOVE to be able to do something helpful and different!

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