Tuesday, February 22, 2005

fushias 1

fushias 1
fushias 1,
originally uploaded by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'.
Here is this months block for the round robin i'm involved in. I have to admit. I was terrified to start on this. It's ALL white. Ooooopphhhh! Plus, the colors need to be pink and a little green and yellow! I'm not a pink person...sooo...i'm stretching here. Which is a GOOD thing! LOL!!! Anyway, after much deliberation, I decided on fuschias. I'm beginning to think i'm slightly insane for starting it, but i'm waaaaaay past the point of no return here! I'm doing them in Brazillian embroidery and I think i've even managed to inadvertently create a new stitch. That part is a worry. I reallly hope the block owner will be happy with the work and not KILL me! LOL!!! When its done, it will have three blooms with leaves (maybe in sre....thinking I need to speed up the process) and some yellow french knots along some of the stems for some other color. There is also a little butterfly half done....I find I bounce around a bit to keep things interesting and me from sidelining the project. Anyway....hopefully it doesn't look to much like an amateur is doing this. Despite the fact that an amateur IS! :_)


Sharkeysday said...

Oh Leslie! It's fantasic...absolutely lovely! :-) WOW, ooooo, ah!
No, not kidding here...it really is wonderful! (gosh and I was proud of my little thistle!) LOL
Where did you get the flower pattern? Or did you make it up?

arlee said...

That is SO beautiful! Pink or not (i'm not a pink person either:>)you've ably captured the delicateness. I'd be so happy to get that if it were for me.