Friday, March 18, 2005

Alternate cq consciousness!!!

I have discovered the person who is partly responsible for my alternative shape musings! Linda Barraclough of Chloe's Place fame is responsible for an incessant stream of drool that has pooled on my keyboard! She does GORGEOUS work! AND, she has combined fans with cq in a great big way. Go look at her work here.... Her peacock blocks are spectacular!!! The color is beyond rich and the stitching and embellishment are wonderful. The block I saw that started this journey was/is of more earth tone leaky memory believes, with spokes (like a fan) on the left hand side of the block which combine into the crazy patches on the remainder of the block. Anyway....i've got some fabrics line up, the shape drawn on the fabric....soooo, we'll see if my "crazy" idea works! I'll keep everyone posted!

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