Thursday, March 17, 2005

Alternate block shapes

I have been pondering on cq "squares" for a bit and rather champing at the bit for something different to kind of get my creative juices humming again. I've seen, somewhere, a block where someone took some strips and placed them in a quasy fan position. Then the remainder of the square was "crazy" pieced. Wellllll......I can't find where I saw that and id LOVE to give credit to this person....sooo, if you read this, PLEASE let me know who you are because I love your work!!! It got me thinking about alternative shapes of the blocks themselves along with the super combo that was done. I've got a design worked out on some fabric and i'm going to get it pieced in the next day or two for a rr that will be starting up. It's a Spring Fling rr with bright pretty springy colors. I'm looking forward to it and seeing what all these ladies stitch. How does this fit with alternately shaped blocks, you ask? Well, the shape of this block is that of a pansy! One petal will be pieced as a fan with a couple of other longer strips on one or two more petals and then the rest will be cq! I hope!! LOL!! I'll take a pic when its done to show to everyone! Be sure to let me know your thoughts! I'm really anxious to hear if anyone else ever pieces in different shapes or symbols!

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