Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Commemorative block

A special lady from the crazy quilt lists recently passed away from breast cancer. Kate in Chillicothe ask if anyone was interested in doing a block for a commemorative quilt... I did. This is it!!! Kate sent some fabrics and I added a couple of my own, left it just at embroidery to eliminate assembly problems and am sending it on its way. Enjoy!


quiltlion said...

L, It is beautiful! This block is full of what I like to call happy colors! Lyn G

Anonymous said...

Is this for Sharon? It's gorgeous! Very happy and calm block, which I understand is how she was.

LouAnne said...

I love the block you did for Dee's quilt. It is AWESOME! Love the colors, your embroidery and the overall look. She is smiling on us, I'm sure.