Monday, March 17, 2008

CQ Promotions!

With the new year, I have been walking to a different beat and have decided to begin working towards the person I am evolving into. This will be a big year for me age wise... still not telling how much or when, but being around for any length of time tends to change a person's perspective about things. I am totally in LOVE with crazy quilting and all that is involved with it. It is an ever changing world that grows and consistently maintains my interest. That all being said, I have noticed there is a sad lack of attention paid to these gorgeous pieces of art! This is evident when a person peeks into assorted magazines, etc. and sees that crazy quilts are NOT selected as award winning quilts! Of course, they cannot be judged in the same fashion as a regular quilt as they are fundamentally a composite of many techniques. Simply put, crazy quilts are NOT the same beast.

Why am I babbling on about this, you ask? Well, I have just created a new yahoo group with the sole purpose of bringing this wonderful art form into the public eye and treated as the magnificent work that it is! It is my hope that with the combined efforts of interested parties, current artists and authors, etc. that we will be able to establish a crazy quilt association that stands on its own in a similar fashion to AQS. We will create standards by which crazy quilts are judged, develop sponsorships with corporations so that cq events can be held successfully. We will bring crazy quilting into the mainstream conciousness as the art form that it is.

If you are interested in joining in this effort, I would love to have you join us! Please let me know and I will happily send you an invitation! I appreciate you taking the time to read my humble missives and look forward to chatting with more of you in the near future!


Shari M said...

Marvelous idea, Leslie!!! Count me in!

Hugs - Shari

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

I would love to join you in this, Leslie, if you think I might have something to contribute.

Wings said...

Please count me in, I have grown accustomed to your enthusiasm and could not survive without it.
Linda " Wings "

LouAnne said...

Would like to hear more Leslie. If I have the ability to help, I surely will.

donnag said...

I am interested. I am enjoying looking at all you have done.
I love CQ and have some projects I am working you I am finding I love this form best.
Donna G

Susan said...

Invite me in! Sounds good!

diamond said...

Dear Leslie. I have been trying to get an embellishing group started here as well. I would really enjoy being part of your voice. I have even begun by taking my ANGEL QUILT made by my own Angels to the Quilt Guild. I truly agree. There are so many talented Crazy Quilters in this cyber connection, why not set the world to embellishing also. Good luck with this venture. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. :)DeeBee