Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Marya's DYB Block

Marya's DYB Block
Marya's DYB Block,
originally uploaded by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'.
Wahoooo!!! I'm caught up on rr obligations!!! PHEW!!! Now to get my grand daughter's b'day pressies done and off in time for her b'day! Anyone ever heard of Fancy Nancy?? Welllll....got to fancy some stuff up for her! Anyway....I digress! This is a pic of a rr block I just finished for a DYB rr. I'm realllllly not sure about that dragonfly and might just pull it out before sending it. I tried something different with a teensy mop and....well, we'll see. I have been teaching a class on trees and decided to do a sample of the wisteria tree on this block. I rummaged through the ol' button box and came up with this little selection for a mop trail and then added one at the bottom with a dyed mop on top of it. I did a fly stitch lace and some herringbone stiching with a detached chain along with a vine to which I added some cast on stitch leaf's Thennnn....what started out as a beaded rose but is really just more of a beaded medallion. Still came out ok. I hope you all enjoy the teensy amount of eye candy!


Carolyn in KY said...

Leslie, the wisteria is gorgeous. I can only imagine the hours spent on that piece of needlework. You are amazing.

LouAnne said...

Your Trees are always amazing! Love the wisteria and such elegant buttons! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Leslie, your trees are so pretty. I'm the proud owner of one of them. :-) Your dragonfly is cool too! I wouldn't change him.