Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Day dreamer

Day dreamer
Day dreamer,
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Welllll, I gave it the ol "college try" but no cigar. This wall hanging is for a competition in a group I belong to, the Anywhoo....1:30 this morning I gave in. Ahhh well. At least i'm somewhat close. Need to finish up the handwork...aka grasses, flowers and leaves; add the fairies eagle in the sky and some more hidden symbols. Then...the border and quilting. Welll...maybe not so close after all. :_P This fairy is day dreaming of the west the way it was. When mustangs ran free, the plains grasses grew long and the mountains were pristine and untouched. I must be in a symbolic and serious mode these days...cuz everything I do HAS to mean something to me! My "inner self" must be looking for something! ;-) Enjoy! Have fun looking! I'll post when I get the main part of this completed.


Carolyn H in KY said...

Leslie your Day Dreamer is gorgeous. You should have submitted her as is, she would have have had a wonderful chance to win.

BlueRose said...

Oh such a funny, crazy lady you are, she is wonderful as she is, I need a drool towel. I can not wait to see her finished and I thought mine was going to be pretty and symbolic, ha!!!! You have got to finish her!!!!

SHARON said...

Leslie.... she is GORGEOUS!!!!

Dreamspinner Cheryl said...

This one takes my breath away. I'd give anything to be that DayDreamer, poised on that hill, watching the wild horses below.

You've absolutely got to finish this, girlfriend. It's fantastic!!