Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Art Bra

OBM bra closeup
OBM bra closeup,
originally uploaded by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'.
Thought I would do a little follow up on my previous posting on art bras!

This is the one I made for a contest sponsored by The Great American Quilt Factory in Denver. This contest was inspired by A Way to Women's Wellness" Art Bra Calendar. An organization created to raise funds for breast cancer research! There were a bunch of great entries; including two of some local cq'ers in the Rocky Mountain Crazy Quilters group. Holly created "Peacock Dreams" and Tammy created "Midnight At the Oasis". They can be seen here. (Someday I will learn how to do this linking correctly....)

Mine is named, "Oceans Blue Mystery". To my surprise, I won first place!! WOW!!! I'm sooooo excited! And....I feel a bit more confident and comfortable now in entering my work in things. This bra was a lot of fun to create..a lot of work too, but worth it! Taught me to start as early as possible on a project and to keep trying to steadily work on the project a bit everyday to complete it! A good lesson for me! :_) Cancer seems to run in my family. My mother has/had breast cancer and my daughter has been battling with cervical cancer. I am planning to figure out how to place something on ebay for sale and the proceeds will go to cancer research. I've realized that I can do little things like this and maybe it will help along the road. Hmmmm.....wonder if I could embellish a pair of a group of cq'ers are going to do at the annual conference in Omaha and auction them too!??!?? Might just have to make a matching set! LOL!!! Anywhoo, enjoy!

Congratulations to everyone that participated in this contest!! The creations were wonderful!


Sharkeysday said...

I can't believe you didnt' say anything...I'm going to link all over my blog to you! You're awesome!
See I told you you were fantastic and now you have a BUNCH of folks who agree!

Ribbonwiz said...

Congratulaions Leslie!
The bra is beautiful...and for a very worthy cause.

ERM (downunder) said...

I couldn't agree with Sharkey'sday more. Your bra is fantastic! And it must make you so proud to know you have contributed to a very worthy cause. Congratulations.

Samantha said...

I have to say, your bra was my fave! It's just so luscious and lovely. If I couldn't win, I'm glad you did! (Although I did manage an honorable mention...)

Linda said...

Love your needle work, but the dark background on your website makes it very difficult to read.