Saturday, February 25, 2006


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It's been awhile (again) since I posted. Sheesh, where does the time go?

This is a postcard I did for the American Quilt Society auction. Any funds received will go towards the museum and purchase of quilts, etc. Sooo....a great cause! I wish I was quicker in my stitching...i'd do a few more for them, but the pc's need to be in Kentucky by the first of March!

This is of a little fairie tending to her butterfly of an evening. She is carrying her little lantern that I beaded to create a glowing effect. I added metallic french knots to the top of the tulip and beads to the front lip of the tulip. Also beaded the stem as it wasn't showing up well. Added some little glass flowers and a metallic french knot dragonfly in the top left corner...which isn't terribly visible. The whole card is hand my limited abilities in that department. Then the final touch of the eye lash yarn around the edge.
Also under the flower beads I did some feather stitching and fly stitching to create a sort of "fern" effect.


Carolyn in KY said...

Leslie, your card is magnificent. It will be a prize at the museum. Your work is wonderful.

Buffalo Prairie said...

Wow your post card is gorgeous. I love the beading. I am awed by the work that went into it.

Buffalo Prairie said...
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BlueRose said...

Another absolute work of creation.
How do you know what to put where??? I have to think and think, then about 2 in the morning it hits me. Can I come live at your house???