Thursday, February 09, 2006

OCB bra back

OCB bra back
OCB bra back,
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My computer was giving me SUCH a hassle last night, I gave up for the day! we are....a bright, sunny, slightly breezy but gorgeous day in Colorado. Renewed hope that I can post this with minimal difficulties! LOL!!

The back of the bra is primarily beaded. I personally LOVE the google eyed fish on the right. They just add a little bit of my humor I guess. The straps of the bra were done with a feather stitch and beaded to help pull it all together with the beads cascading down from them to blend with the se life. I finally found some fringe for the bottom that helped pull the whole thing together. It was an interesting process to create this. I didn't know from minute to minute quite what I was going to do next....and found I didn't want to ! Planning cq just hasn't worked for me as well as flying by the seat of my pants so to speak! LOL!!! Anyway, the closure was entirely covered with the lining, which is velvet. I then applied snaps on the inside and on the outside added two clamshell beads with the smaller beads to continue the illusion of the deep sea.

Guess i've babbled enough. Off to get a few things done! Like figuring out how to blog links that I seem to be hopeless at!

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