Monday, July 20, 2009

Dimity's heart block

One of my "jobs" at CQI is to ocassionally do "Angel" stitching! I recently received two blocks to finish up for the hearts round robin. One of them is Dimity's (aka Diane). I've added 41 hearts to this gem and almost all of the work on the left hand side of the block is mine. The velvet hearts are not black, they are deep burgundy; I just couldn't get the colors to pop correctly. :( Twas fun playing here. I finished up the fan blades and seams, and dyed the lace along with beading, etc to try and bring the block together as a whole. Twas a challenge, but overall it pulled together! Enjoy Dimity!

1 comment:

Aida Costa said...

Leslie I LOVE this block - it's so beautiful!! It's not even the type of thing I usually like, but somehow it all works :)