Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Creativity and where it comes from?

I have been doing quite a bit of review of me and life and all that jazz lately.... and because i'm in the middle of a couple of large projects, I have pondered on where the ideas and inspirations come from. For me, I feel like I have to almost "forget" about what i'm working on and then, what turns out to be a super idea, comes into my mind! Rather a "zen meditation" type of thing I think. LOL!! Regardless, I find that when I can relax and play in my garden or cavort with my fur kids (aka, throw the ball ) or go to my favourite plant nursery and commune with the flowers, or, take a drive in the mountains, is when I am at my best and have "created" ideas for future use.

Along with wondering "where"creativity comes from, I have wondered how some things in our lives that occur also impact our ability to think or create more freely? I had a serious fall four years ago that resulted in two back surgeries that have left me with needing to take meds to control constant pain, a numb leg, arm pain and a life that has been significantly altered. I cannot sit at the computer the way I used to be able to (like to surf the wonderful blogs, etc.) as it causes even more problems and I cannot type well due to losing feeling in my hands. Why am I bringing this up? NOT to garner sympathy or whine!!! I truy wonder how has this impacted my creativity? I did not participate in rr's much prior to this injury. I was busy trying to bring a commercial embroidery business online. Now... well, the business is basically gone BUT I have fallen in LOVE with my hand embroidery and been able to explore forms of expression I may not have "seen" for a considerably longer time. The injury has helped me focus on what I really feel I want to do and to express parts of myself that have longed to be seen. So, it's been a positive experience in a lot of ways. I am quite a bit slower at things now, than I was. BUT, everything I do has meaning and thought behind it. I can't seem to stitch any other way. I just find that interesting, as I look at the incredible talent out in the world of cq. Where does inspiration come from for others? How do they create? Why???

I wonder....

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Susan said...

I think it's interesting that you can still stitch, with the numbness. Does that mean you don't feel it when you poke yourself, or are you more coordinated than I, and don't poke? =)

I'm not sure where the creativity comes from. My mother? LOL! I usually start with a small idea and it expands as I go until it turns into something, but where the ideas come from, I rarely know. Unless it's from the pieces themselves.