Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Windsong DYBrr, Cher

This is the final block in the Windsong round robin. Cher choose such wonderful peachy colors and I tried to stay within that color range. I added some seam variation that I then beaded, a bit of a buton trail, a "fan" made out of an earring finding and a beaded cabbage rose with beaded fly stitch leaves and beaded feather stitched greenery! Enjoy!


Melissa said...

Leslie the block looks great! Nice and elegant! I love all the bead work you did too!

Susan said...

Both of these blocks are really nicely done. I've enjoyed seeing the Tradewinds blocks on various blogs as they went through. It's nice to see them finished.

annetteb said...

I too have seen the tradewind blocks as they've gone through. They're just stunning. I'm sure everyone is going to be so pleased. Love the bead work. Annette