Wednesday, April 25, 2007

TradeWinds DYB rr, Jo

This is another block that I stitched on for Jo in the Tradewinds round robin. I wound up being a "stitch angel"! LOL!!! On this one I tried to give her more of a flavor of Colorado. There is a small mountain scene on the upper left wit a beaded reflection of the sunset. I put some lilac and Colorado columbine in the lower right corner, a pinyon pine tree in the center and a pine cone and needles off to the right. The seam treatments are varied , but pretty much my standard. One day i'll get caught up enough to go back and do some exploration with TAST! I also added a butterfly motif and complimented it with beading.

1 comment:

LouAnne said...

Leslie: Love both blocks! You've done amazing things on all the blocks in your lastest rr.