Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tradewinds DYB 2

TWDYB Hideko
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I don't post forever and here I am posting a ton of stuff all at once! Sighhh..... I wish I could learn to post more regularly. New Year's resolution, right? Welllllll????? LOL!!
This is a block I worked on for Hideko who keeps a blog... http://hideko-windfromtheeast.blogspot.com. This is a luscious block of silks, velvets and some metallic brocade fabric. I was stumped by what to do at first, but finally got in the swing of it. I decided to create a monogram in the lower left hand corner. A beaded rose is in the center, some feathers and some of my seam treatment variations. Gonna have to definately start challenging myself on my stitches! But then....that's what Sharon's "Take a Stitch" Tuesday will be all about, right? http://inaminuteago.com/blog/index.php?tag=take-a-stitch-tuesday I will be participating in this with some members in a small group I belong to. We thought it would be a great way to nudge each other along and develop or stitching repertoire! Should be fun! Now....just got to remember to post about it! Enjoy the pics!

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LouAnne said...

Beautiful work! I love the colors of this block. I also like VERY much the blocks YOU pieced for this RR and can't WAIT to see how they get embellished. Did you save one of the ones you pieced to work on yourself?