Tuesday, December 12, 2006

CQ'd hearts

Originally uploaded by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'.
I belong to the Hand Embroidery yahoo group and there is a heart swap going on there right now. soooo, I thought i'd jump in and join the fun. I don't normally work in purples, but had it out as I was making a block for the Art Bra Ladies quilt. I then did some stich variations on the seams and utilized the butterfly lazy daisy that Sharon B of In a Minute Ago shared with us in her first class last spring. On the top heart, I had a MOP button that I thought would look good, but didn't have holes or a complete shank. It was a part of some vintage buttons I purchased awhile back. Anywhoo, I created a web over the button to hold it down and added some lazy daisies and french knots along with the litle butterfly. I tried to keep a more garden effect with doing a buttonhole stitch, adding fly stitches on top and the some french knots for flowers. It was stretch to work with these colors, but I like how they came out, especially the bottom heart! Can't wait to see what comes back my direction for the swap!


Anonymous said...

I do like purple, and both of these are really nice hearts. Anyone will be happy to get them. You did a beautiful job of selecting complementary stitches.

LouAnne said...

Leslie: I love these hearts! I've thought of doing some of these quick cq things myself since I'm in the same group. What do YOU use for backing? I've heard that you can use innerfacing?