Thursday, August 10, 2006

Melfi Red Lthr Bib

This is a second bib (a piece of fabric that buttons to the front of a western style shirt) that I did for the same re-enactor. I hand drew the design, scanned it and digitized it. This piece is leather "suede" with fringe. The whole shirt is leather actually. Its and awesome piece. Anyway...from the designing of the flowers to the digitizing and machine embroidery....I spent about 60 or 70 hours to completion. It looks super in person. I was amazed that the embroidery actually had an antique quality to their coloring, which is good considering that is the image the owner wants. Authenticity and originality! This is another piece i'm proud of and thought I would share!


Cory said...

Leslie, These bibs are absolutely wonderful. You have the right to blow your own horn when pieces turn out as outstanding as these have. Cory

Susan said...

The bibs are wonderful. Is a man having you do these, or a woman? I know some of the fancy horse riders in parades have shirts like this, so I'm curious.

Carolyn in KY said...

Leslie, your work is amazing. I can't get over the roses, they are gorgeous.