Thursday, August 10, 2006

Melfi Burg Bib & Collar

Embroidery is my "life blood". Literally! If i'm not digitizing (creating the computerized version of a design where I tell the machine to place the stitches) designs and logos i'm working on projects like I posted yesterday! Needless to say, I LOVE crazy quilting and I LOVE embroidery! LOL! That said, this is a sample of a project that I just finished that I drew out by hand from aged pictures then spent approximately 60 to 80 hours on creating it on the computer then two and half hours in the actual machine embroidery. I'ts a massive design. There are over 100,000 stitches there. That's a lot when you consider the average logo is about 8000 stitches! But....the owner was speechless and quite happy so...that's what counts! :_) He is a western re-enactor and these flowers are a modern day version of the flowers that can be seen on Buffalo Bills shirts. I am actually quite proud of this one. It came out very well and I don't normally brag...but had to with this one!

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dd said...

Leslie the bibs are absolutely GORGEOUS. And your CQ blocks are just beautiful. I especially love the little lamb by the fence and the tree is great. I will be back again to drool over your eye candy.