Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Beaded Flowers

beaded flwr cq
beaded flwr cq,
originally uploaded by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'.
These flowers just fascinate me!!! I picked up a copy of the $100,000 Quilt Challenge magazine, cuz it had an article in there by JBM and another one by Cynthy Anderson. Welllll, about the second page in this picture of a gorgeous wall hanging type piece also done by Cynthy Anderson for Fire Mountain Gems & Beads!! I LOVE the flowers on this because of their dimensionality!! On another piece of hers, by her article, she uses beads as the embroidered Margaret Ball does of "Embeadery" fame! I just had to share some of this eye candy! It took me forever to get a pic to work....but here we are. Thank you, thank you Cynthy for this inspiration!!! NOW to figure it out!! LOL!!!

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Carolyn in KY said...

Leslie, the bead work is wonderful. You continue to inspire me, I really want to learn crazy quilting.