Monday, December 12, 2005

gift card holders

gift card holders
gift card holders,
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All has NOT been quiet on the NWestern front....or whatever one i'm on! LOL!!! As previously blogged and kindly supported and chatted about by Mary Frances of Frequently Wrong But Never In Doubt...I finished the block for the New Orleans Australian fund raiser. Voting is taking place now, so I better get over there and pick someone to vote on!!

Anywhoo, I also made a handful of little holders for the bonds that we purchased for the grand-kids. I'm in a snowman phase this year and I added little touches to some of them to make them special to each a bee on "Busy Izzie's" and a ladybug on Seviahs, etc. They'll stand in nicely as ornaments on their little trees too! I have also completed five wall hangings, a christmas jacket for mother, the two cq blocks for the RMCQ banner....OH....and three felt tree skirts i'll post a sampling of them later. These will stand in for the heirloom cq tree skirts I will complete this coming year. Right now....i'm just glad the bulk of it is done and I can breath a bit! Packages are all mailed...a few stray cards to do and it's over for the year! Phew!!!

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