Monday, October 03, 2005

Spring Fling block

Spring Fling block
Spring Fling block,
originally uploaded by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'.
Thanks to LouAnne's reminder (of Getting To Crazy) here is the completed block....well, mostly completed. :_) I may do some work on the silk piece at the top that has the dragonfly woven into it. I enjoyed this round robin and it is, as always, neat to see the great work everyone does. I was THRILLED when LouAnne gave me one of her terrific spider webs and spiders! She truly does an awesome job with them. She added some super seam treatments as well! I was also the lucky recipient of a silk ribbon basket by Ronni a fellow RMCQ member...she can be heard lurking on many a cq list! PLUS, I am the benefactor of a gorgeous moth by a CCQ friend! The colors are great and help coordinate the others in this block. I made the block when I wasn't feeling very color coordinated, actually looks pretty good now that it's home! I have some other wonderful SRE and embroidery on this block and truly appreciate the effort of everyone in the group! I hope you enjoy the little bit of eye candy! I will from now on! LOL!!!

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