Wednesday, October 05, 2005

NO Block

NO Block
NO Block,
originally uploaded by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'.
Do you ever have to just laugh atyourself? And does anyone else out there dislike making blocks as much as I do?? Gracious!!! This attempt at doing a block for the New Orleans Australian project has been quite an experience! To say the least! As I posted earlier...I had started one block, set it aside because the patches were too small and I didn't feel like they would be good for this project and what I wanted to accomplish. THEN, I changed directions entirely, forgetting everything I had read and created a block that spoke of the flavor of the south to me. Wellllllllllll.....lets just say, that after I say Sharon B's block on her blog, I figured I better take another look at the directions and am darned glad I did!!! gggg The colors were sooooo far wrong it's just hysterical! I don't know what I was thinking!!! Guess thats the problem, eh?? I wasn't thinking. Wellll....I then whipped up another block yesterday, in the proper colors. You're not going to see that one, don't like it either! Onto to the FOURTH block in the show! :_) This one I hope will meet with everyones approval. If will still work into something pretty! PLUS, I finally figured out how to make the fan blades look decent and I haven't put the medallion on it yet! I've just pinned it in the corner with some trim that I may or may not use to see how everything looks. TONS better and I will likely proceed with this one, little inner critic is chatting me up right now so I guess i'll let this one sit while I turn on the embroidery machine and get an order out of here! Soooo, Sharon???? Whatcha think??? Is it a possibility? Even without the embellishment? GRIN!!!


LouAnne said...

Ah.....ummmmm.....Actually Leslie *I* LOVE to make blocks. I whipped out 3 today. Do you hand piece or machine piece? I do only hand piecing and maybe that's the difference?
Maybe I'm just wierd/crazy/strange? Probably!

Sharkeysday said...

Maybe I need to piece your blocks and you can embellish for me! I piece quickly and then freeze at the thought of "messing up" the embellishments! LOL!