Monday, July 18, 2005

Elsies UTS block

Elsies UTS block
Elsies UTS block,
originally uploaded by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'.
The second Under The Sea block I have been working on....I couched down some fibers and added the turquoise bead fish. I added shells and beads then went over to the right and played a bit and came up with a crab. Not perfected yet, but still came out pretty cute I think! I just did a satin stitch for his body and some cast on stitches on the front to give him the shel look. I added a backstitched line on the back of him to help create definition and some french knots up on the head . Then...onto the sea horse....I like adding the french knots and using different colors for this one. It adds more fun to the critter! This is done with bullions for the most part and the the fin is blanket stitch. The original pattern didn' ask for the french knots...but I like how they look so I added them! Anyone else create some patterns in BE that they would like to share?

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