Friday, July 15, 2005

Blue Rose FTC

Blue Rose FTC
Blue Rose FTC,
originally uploaded by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'.
This is an ATC that I just finished for a trade. I'm trying to get caught up on commitments, so..hopefully i'll be able to post more often!

At any rate, I did quite a bit of brazilian embroidery on this one. The lobster, which is comprised primarily of bullions then the claws are cast on stitches. I made up the little jelly fish. That was done with overlapped layers of cast on stitches and the the outline/stem stitch for the tentacles. The There are the sea flowers...really simple....lazy daisy's and pistil stitches with cast on stitches for the calyx's or whatever they would be for sea flowers! LOL!! I also added some beads and some french knots to create more texture. Lots of fun...a tad more labor intensive than I initially planned on...but it came out ok. Enjoy!

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